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Anonymous asked: Why are you gluten free, is it an allergy?

Yes and no. The allergy question can go either way which I’ll get to. When I do consume things with gluten, I don’t have any severe noticeable symptoms. I’ve cut out gluten completely as of a week today to see if anything changes.

I cut out gluten for a few reasons:

  1. I like to eat as natural as possible. Whole foods with high amounts of nutrients that are bio-available and can easily be digested. The wheat grown today isn’t natural. Humans have altered it to meet our highly demanding needs wants. We’ve encouraged this crop to grow on the least amount of land possible yet yielding in the highest amount of food. Though gluten has always existed in grains, the result of us altering crops has been an increase in gluten.
  2. The Latin word for gluten means glue and that’s how it acts in your body. It clogs up our digestive system, and causes a number of different health problems.
  3. There have also been studies done showing an increase in endurance. I’m a cyclist so that means a whole lot.

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