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Today I made the Triple Chocolate Fat Pants millionaire cake. It costs about $20-$25 to make but well worth every cent. The cake is gluten free, vegan and beyond delicious. It’s a chocolate chip brownie-like cake with vanilla frosting, and chocolate chip cookies in between each layer and on top.

With the extra chocolate chip cookies, I decided to make an ice cream sandwich with vegan ice cream. So this week marks my first vegan pie, my first vegan ice cream sandwich, my first vegan cake, my first vegan stuffed pasta shells AND my first vegan chili cheese fries… even though I’ve been vegan for over two years. I think this ends my baking for awhile. Though it’s as healthy as baking can get, I need to slow down with the food. BUT, first I must eat the chili cheese fries that I’m making ;)

100% gluten free. 100% cruelty free.

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